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How did Montenegro's first rehearsal go?

As one of the sole countries from the Balkan era taking part this year, Montenegro have send their superstar Sergej Cetkovic to Eurovision. This is how his first rehearsal went.

A great shot from above the stage shows the beautiful blue and purple backdrop Montenegro has been given for their 3 minutes at the Eurovision stage.

The pattern looks a bit like a giant flower, with lots of little sparkly little diamonds as flooring. The backdrop shows a purple blue forest.

Sergej starts off alone on stage but it soon joined by a rolling skating female dancer once the chorus kicks in. She seems to unleash flowery sparkles into the flooring, in the first run through. In the second run through they've changed the staging a little. The dancer is now opening the song, leaving sparkles onto the stage flooring, before the camera zooms in to Sergej. She returns a little bit later to do exaclty the same routine. The flowery colourful sparkles are also featured in the forest, giving the whole atmospheric feel of forest fairies and pixies. I really hope Sergej's dancer is getting a fairy costume or something in that style which would really finish this act.

The camera work isn't quite there yet, as the girl's skating around, the camera zooms in on Sergej, who's watching her, so they need to patch that up little. They've not changed that the second time around. It looks a bit sloppy that way.

In the mean time, three backing vocals have also appeared on stage, in the right corner of the stage and slowly progress to the front.

they are around Sergej when the song reaches its final notes.

Vocally Sergej is sounding ok. I personally think he's holding back considerably, which makes more than sense. He's after all just doing his first run and getting acquainted with the stage. Second run through he sounds so much better already. The end notes with his backings is by the way very impressive.

Sergej's song is one of the very few unique and stand alone songs in its genre at this contest, which gives him a bit of a leap way. A very strong start for Montenegro.