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How did Israel's first rehearsal go?

The expectations for Israel's Mei Finegold are high. Her Eurovision entry 'Same Heart' is already a fan favourite for many. So let's have a look at Israel's first live performance.

Mei is taking the stage in a leather dress. The video shot zooms in from the ceiling and shows an impressive tiled flooring; First in black and white in the verses. Just before the chorus bursts open the floor tiles change to black and red.

First time around there seems to be some trouble with the audio because Mei isn't sounding clear. The volume also seems to have turned down. The second run has been sorted though. Let me tell you that high note during the bridge is spot on.

There's a lot of strutting going on when Mei's been joined by her two female dancers to re-enact the choreography from the video. They're strutting their stuff onto a orange/yellow and red backdrop which looks very impressive.

Expect flirting with the camera, Mei laying on the floor, and another gorgeous blue and white aquatic backdrop. Same Heart is visually an absolute delight.

Israel just needs to make the dance routine in a tiny bit more slicker and they'll be setting the hall on fire, and very likely qualify to the final.