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How did Iceland's first rehearsal go?

After the rather dark staging from Sweden, Iceland is treating you quite literally on an overdosis on colour.

In all fairness I don't really understand why the Icelanders aren't among one of the more popular entries this year. 'No Prejudice' is very current, has a notch of Britpop to it, and it's also bonkers. Something which is translated into its staging.

there's a lot of colourful cubicles and squares going on in the backdrop and even on the flooring. At some point I even saw blocks going off. Yap, totally bonkers!

There were a few nerves to detect first time around, but with the third run through Pollapönk are clearly getting more comfortable in their skin and have fun. They're not quite there yet, so Iceland have gone for a fourth turn through, which has been their best overall. The backdrop's changed a little, with some Diamond crush (for the youngsters among us), involved, and overall Iceland is vastly improving.

There's a little choreography going on during the bridge and there's some very strange moves going on at the end of the song. I'm not entirely sure what our Icelandic friends try to achieve with those. Anyway, Iceland are going for pretty straight forward being bonkers and that's what's either going to break or make the Icelandic entry this year.