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How did Hungary's first rehearsal go?

Hungary's representative András Kállay-Saunders is one of the big favourites to lift the Eurovision trophy this year with Running. He's the last act from semi final 1 to rehearse today.

András starts 'Running' from a stool on the central stage, where he's accompanied by a female pianist player as the backdrop features a night skyline with little lights shown everywhere. Throughout the first verse András is just singing his song really, until he stands up and runs down one of the catwalks before the chorus kicks in.

Dress wise, András is showing off his big arms, but don't be fooled this young fella can sing. Not an off key moment, his performance is slick and he knows exactly what he's doing.

Back to the performance, the stage is blue lit, when the chorus kicks in, we get a very bright fiery red to see.
András returns to the central stage where his pianist player turns into a dancer and performs a routine with another dancer, featuring movements re-enacting abuse situations.

the backdrop goes back to the blue with the framework of the screens lighting up. During the chorus the backdrop goes back to yellow and red. The song ends with the female dancer being protected by András while he pushes away the male dancer.

Very effective and dramatic staging. Despite the difficult topic, András is very good interpreting the song, which is partly why it sells so well on stage.

Great rehearsal for Hungary and also a great closer for the first semi final.