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How did Belgium's first rehearsal go?

Axel Hirsoux is the final candidate to take the Eurovision stage at B&W Hallerne today. Here's what I made of his first rehearsal.

There's a lot of ink been written about Axel and his song Mother. And understandably because it very unique in its style at Eurovision.

One thing I'm sure we can all agree on, Axel has a great voice and even though he was seriously off key in the first few lines of his song, he managed to get himself together and really go for his song.

The performance itself has stayed pretty similar to the one at the national final, just over a month ago. A flower pattern, in blue and purple are now the main colours for the stage, which in itself is not bad and a nice little wink to the fact that there are countries celebrating mothers day on May 11, so make sure you have your flowers indoors.

Axel's dancer is also on stage, although she's a little overlooked by the fact that the staging is pretty dark, and thus not that clearly visible. Or perhaps that's the idea.

I really don't know how Belgium is going to fare this year. This will either do really well, or do very badly.

Let's not think about that just yet though. All in all, the Belgium team should be pretty happy with their first rehearsal.