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How did Armenia's first rehearsal go?

Hey guys,

so here we are. First rehearsals, and we're kicking off with the firm favourite for this year's Eurovision trophy: Armenia. How did Aram MP3's first rehearsal go? Find out.

With a small delay of 20 minutes, we did eventually manage to catch a glimpse of Armenian representative Aram MP3's first rehearsal. (Let's give the Danes a break, it's Monday after all).

So, did Aram live up to the expectations of this first rehearsal? Let's have a quick run through.

the intro to 'You're Not Alone' is very similar to Sanna's light cage at Melodifestivalen, in which Aram kicks off his song. There's no additional dancers or apricot trees, throughout the song, which I was somehow expecting a little. They've gone for a simple, stylish performance with the visuals only coming from the stage and the backdrop, leaving Aram to fill the whole stage. Somehow I feel Armenia could have benefited from two dancers on stage.

The backdrop is absolutely gorgeous however. There's a lot of watery silver pearls and teardrops going on with hints of red appearing as the song progresses. When the bridge kicks in, The stage goes full on red. Judged by that, 'You're Not Alone' looks pretty impressive to open the first semi final with.

Let's hope we have sound with the second run through, so we can have a listen. And we do. To be fairly honest, I've heard Aram sing better, but I have a slight feeling he's holding back a little. This is just a first rehearsal after all. I doubt this is the final outfit either. He's currently dressed in a dark green shirt, with dark sleeveless jacket and lightbrown chinos.

Not a bad first rehearsal for Armenia. With a performance like this, they should easily make it to the final. I'm still not entirely convinced they will however walk away with the end victory.