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Conchita Wurst rises like a Phoenix in her second rehearsal

Can Conchita rise like a phoenix during her second rehearsal?

The Austrian representative is one of the most talked about artists of this year's Eurovision Song Contest. More so because she's proven in the lead up to the rehearsals that she was more than just a bearded drag act, but one who could also sing.

Today's rehearsals weren't as great as they were earlier this week. There haven't been much changes in the staging itself, apart from a redd'ish glow and some long shots in the beginning of the performance, which have been added.

Vocally however it looks like Conchita is holding in today, she's not really going for the chorus as much as she would usually do, which gave me personally the impression she was slowly behind in them. I can imagine how difficult Rise Like A Phoenix is to sing, so as long as she doesn't compensate this when the dress rehearsals start, she should be fine. Her end note however has been absolutely spot on.

Conchita's wearing the dress she's designed herself by the way. I'm not entirely sure it's suited for the event. I preferred her black dress in the previous rehearsal.

Still a firm believer, Conchita is going to do very well with the audience and tv viewers and sail through to the final.