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Albania: Second Rehearsal

Will Hersi wow us with her second rehearsal?

Well she certainly impressed me.

It's quite impressive how just a bit of make up and a different outfit can change the staging completely for an act.

I wasn't entirely sure about Albania's staging when I saw their first rehearsal but now that Hersi is wearing a white beautiful diamond set gown and is surrounded by smoke on her white platform I'm actually really liking the atmosphere 'One Night's Anger'.

Okay, there's still not a lot of things going on, but the way the Albanian entry is presented, is actually nice. I'm just not sure, whether nice will be enough to make Albania qualify this year.

You can't really fault Hersi on her vocals, she's a great singer, but the entry here is what really troubles me. Hersi is worthy of a much better song. I can't really see how Albania will make it through this semi, with so many favourites already putting a stamp on their entries. A shame really.