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First rehearsal from Macedonia - Lost and Found, finally.

Desiree on Mon, 04/30/2018 - 10:28

With only 4 minutes left on schedule for the Macedonian rehearsal, we are still waiting for footage from the hall. Earlier we only heard a few seconds when they were about to do the first run, but then the screens showed again promotional images of the Tourist board of Portugal.

So for now the rehearsal from Macedonia seems to be lost, let's see if it will be found!

Just as I wrote that we got the stream, and after a few minutes we were just in time to see their last run, so first and only impressions for now:

We start with a shot of Marija in closeup with Bojan in the background, seconds later she is next to him, don't know yet how it's done but it looks really good. It's not the only effect here, we also have multiple shots of the screen going all white or black.

Marija is wearing a short red dress, Bojan has a suit and there are also 3 backing vocals and a drummer on stage. They are all included in the performance.
Vocally it sounded pretty good to me, however during the chorus (or the last song if you prefer) Marija is hardly heard at all.