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New City, New reporting rules - important post

New Host City, new Eurovision reporting rules

In an unannounced new move yesterday, the EBU and RTP, in conjunction with accreditation provider Accredion have published new rules concerning access rights and what media can and cannot use in regard to performance clips filmed during open rehearsals

At ESCKAZ.com we have long advocated a cessation to these clips being prepared and published, and have only continued to do so as the reduction in statistics would mean we would lose almost all accreditations and be unable to bring you blogging, press conferences, reports from the parties, eurovillage and euroclub, and interviews with the artists. So while we welcome and embrace these new rules we are cautious of their sudden appearance 48 hours before live rehearsals start.

In summary the new rules in regard to rehearsal footage are as follows

No material from rehearsals - either photos or video - maybe be released to personal social media accounts from members of the press. Material maybe be released to company social media accounts but subject to restrictions
Media which are EBU members are permitted to use up to three (3) minutes from the rehearsal content per day. Non EBU members may use up to two (2) minutes per day.
Post contest it would appear that material maybe released in full - but we will try to clarify this
There is little or no information of how many photographs maybe be published or used
The use of the Press Conference Material and of the Opening Ceremony Material is unrestricted.

We are actively seeking answers from the EBU/RTP on what we may or may not do with any material we have collected after the dates indicated in the new rules - which correspond to the the end of the shows. We will bring you this information as and when we have it

These new rules are published on Eurovision.tv and given to all press members as they collect accreditation passes.

Therefore this year ESCKAZ.com will only bring you very limited footage from the rehearsals - not something we are unhappy about if truth be told - but will of course bring you all our usual coverage from Press Conferences, Interviews, live reaction videos as the rehearsals are seen in the press centre, reports from Delegation parties, Euroclub, Eurovillage, blogging and finally as many photos as we can get for all the fans to see.

Submitted by Martin (not verified) on Sat, 04/28/2018 - 18:22


The document states no live streaming or uploading to any of the social platforms (YouTube Live, Periscope, Instagram, Facebook Live and others). You can feature clips that you film on your site, just not post them in full to any *social media* account for now (it looks to be fine after the contest ends).

As for photos, this seems less strict, but you can't photo any screens or support staff working on the show or rehearsals (fairly usual) or if you do, you'll need to blur their faces. I'd suggest that you post official photos on Twitter etc, but your personal ones (after all you have accreditation and access to the arena to take these) on your site only and not share on social media until after the contest. Ask anyone using your materials to do the same (and/or post a warning on the site to this effect).

The two-minute limit applies to social media only, so you can do a summary report that features no more than ten seconds of each song each day if you want to post that on social media. This restriction does not apply to your website itself.

Obviously, you still need to clear copyright and pay any fees to your national music publishing organisation(s), but that's normal for *any* site that transmits copyrighted music - though I'm not sure anyone has ever bothered fan sites about this in the past.

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