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Backstage day with DoReDos (Moldova)

Andy onWed, 05/02/2018 - 09:53

Delegation of Moldova had their first rehearsal yesterday and we were invited to follow the day with them - so we can show some backstage footage starting from the arrival, passing through control and getting to the Delegation Bubble, then Dressing Room, rehearsing there, moving to in-ear rehearsal, final things before getting on stage, and after the rehearsal getting to the viewing room. It was followed by Hair & Make-up consultation, Eurovision.tv interview and then delegation moved to Press-conference area and interviews.

In the video you can briefly spot: Julia Samoylova, Dmitry Melnikov, Yuri Aksiuta, Alexander Rybak, Balkanika, Henric von Zweigbergk, Ola Melzig, Christer Björkman, Jon Ola Sand and all time on screen are all Moldova delegation members starting from D1s Vitalie Cojocaru, Philipp Kirkorov and Dmitrii Sergeev, D2 Ivan Luca and D3 artists Marina Djundiet, Eugeniu Andrianov, Sergiu Mîța, Erik Høiby , Sara Linnea Larsson and Konstantin Vechersky.

Due to the filming restrictions the video does not include any footage of the on stage rehearsal itself, but we present a video from the dressing room rehearsal with Alex Panayi.

Moldova first rehearsal

Desiree onTue, 05/01/2018 - 15:16

More laughs in the press centre with the first rehearsal of Moldova. The DoReDos members and their 3 backings are dressed in the colours of the Moldovan flag and causing a lot of hilarity with their cheeky choreography and over the top act, based on doors and half doors opening and closing.

I'm however a bit disappointed on the vocals, heard a lot better on the promotour. Good reaction in the press centre though, also in the second run.

Semi-final 1 dress rehearsal 1 - live blog from the hall: to be updated!

Desiree onMon, 05/08/2017 - 13:49

In a few minutes the first dress rehearsal for semi-final one will start and we just heard that the opening act will be done twice. I'm live in the hall where I will keep you continually updated, so please refresh from time to time to read the latest news!

The start is delayed for a few minutes. Spain, Italy and UK will also perform.

And we're off! just 5 minutes later than initially planned We start with women wearing traditional gear and Ukrainian folk music in the background. Then a dancer on stage to be joined by Monatik, who proves to be very versatile: rapping, sing and dancing a very modern song that could've been a nice participating entry. Unfortunately I haven't been able to catch his name yet. I hope to update you on that after we have seen him again.

After the second run his name is not mentioned, but instead he introduces the hosts who are in casual clothes for this rehearsal. Some introductory speeches later the lineup for the semi-final is shown on screen and the voting is explained. No surprises here.

Next: song 1 from Sweden!
Post-card: Stills from Robin and his dancers, rehearsing, motor riding, getting ready to perform.
Performance: The lights seem to flicker a bit in the beginning. First time I notice it, not sure it's meant to be like that. Once again a very solid performance so it's bound to at least qualify and possibly do very well. On the other hand, there is still the issue with the 'OK' sign he makes with his hands that means something different in other countries.

song 2: Georgia:
Postcard: Rehearsing with Anri Jokahdze, running in the park, getting ready to perform and walk on stage (which seems a common thing already for all countries).
Performance: There's a delay in the start of the Georgian performance, so stay tuned! A solid performance by Tamara, who has no need at all to hold back.

song 3: Australia
Postcard: Isaiah in Melbourne and in a car, getting on a stage, watching the stars.
Performance: In the hall Isaiah really seems a bit overshadowed by his own images on the screen. A very good performance again. No further issues here.

song 4: Albania
Postcard:Running, singing with a band, doing sports, working on her dress and making the heart sign with her hands.
Performance: Vocals a bit shaky in the beginning. Only yesterday evening she was going all out in the Euroclub.
The long note is not working completely as it should so she sings it lower to save herself. Will be something to look at tonight and tomorrow evening.

song 5: Belgium
Postcard: Blanche playing the piano, reading, doing press conferences, autographs.
Performance: Blanche wears a different dress now - in black! so her nickname nnow no longer fits her outfit. The black dress is very dark, as the staging is as well. I know the white one was criticised a lot but I prefer it to what she wears now. The high parts near the end still sound very weak. However, a good reception in the hall.

Song 6: Montenegro:
Postcard: Slavko in the park, in a theater.
Performance: The visuals of Slvako while he lays on the floor have changed now. In blue, no more bright pink lipgloss. Looks a lot better and a bit less over the top. Slvako still fills the stage on his own, Could be better vocally. I am quite worried about its chances but I still enjoy this song a lot after a few ballads.

First break: Hosts on stage (minus greenroom host Timur). App mentioned. Timur in the greenroom speaking with who performed.

Song 7: Finland
Postcard: Norma John working/sitting together, walking in a building, shopping sunglasses, playing the piano.
Performance: Dry ice. Looks beautiful at the start. Vocally it seems not as solid as we have heard before. Big applause though.

Interview with Eduard Romanyuta (Moldova 2015)

Andy onFri, 05/05/2017 - 14:57

On 12 May, on the eve of the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv, a large-scale stylish party will be held in one of the largest entertainment complexes of the capital of Ukraine "Olmeca plage", which in honor of the contest will be organized by young Ukrainian performer, TV host, participant of the Eurovision 2015 Eduard Romanyuta!

The artists of the international finals are yet to become Europe's stars, while Eduard Romanyuta has invited to the Grand Euro Party his best friends - who have already glorified their countries for the whole world.

They are:
Winner of Eurovision Song Contest 1998 Dana International (Israel)
Winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Emmelie de Forest (Denmark)
Winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2011 Eldar Gasimov (Azerbaijan)

Their new hits will present European stars from Romania: Morandi Official Page and Alexandra Stan.

2016 and 2011 Eurovision participant, Junior Eurovision 2015 host Poli Genova (Bulgaria), the brightest Eurovision 2015 Eurovision contestants Nina Sublatti (Georgia) and Bojana Stamenov (Serbia) will prepare surprises for the Ukrainian fans.

Anna Nikonova (Ukraine), special guest DJ M.E.G. will also perform at the celebration of diversity. Number of contestants of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will attend the show as well!

Eduard Romanyuta himself will please the audience with his Eurohit I Want Your Love, already popular among music fans Reckless, I'll Never Let Go, Get Real With My Heart, Conspiracy, Bad Thing and the premiere of the new radiohit Million!

The stage of the show in the beach complex "Olmeca Plage" will not be inferior to the main stage of the Eurovision in the IEC, as Feyeria is also involved in its creation! It will include 100 sq.m screen, more than 300 best lighting equipment units, professional VJ and Sonic L-Acoustics, VDOSC, pyrotechnics, laser show.

The concert will be broadcast live on Youtube in HD quality. Professional television filming will be aired by the national public broadcaster UA:Pershiy.

Eduard Romanyuta invites all his friends to the party, which means YOU! Come to catch the atmosphere of the Eurovision!

Hurry up to get tickets the price is from 200 to 5000 UAH.
1) https://kiev.karabas.com/grand-euro-party
2) https://kasa.in.ua/grand-euro-party-kyiv
3) https://www.concert.ua/eventpage/eduard-romanyuta

The first 100 girls will get a Lillet Melody cocktail as a welcome gift!

Moldova second rehearsal

Desiree onThu, 05/04/2017 - 14:03

So apparently I was sleeping during the first rehearsal of Moldova because I now only notice that the backings are not still experimenting with different dresses but rather have a dress change. Oh the things you notice when you are actually in the hall. The guys from Sunstroke Project are back in the suits they also wore in the national final. It works well of course, though not necessarily better than the more casual clothes they had on the first rehearsal.

I'm still loving this as much as before, it will be a big party in the hall when it's full!

The rehearsal of Moldova is the last one I'll see today as right now I'll be off for a special report - I'll update myself on Iceland, Czech Republic and Cyprus and will of course be back tomorrow morning for the last rehearsals of this semi-final, some 2nd rehearsals from semi 2 and of course the first rehearsals from the big 5 + Ukraine.

Oikotimes 21 party

Andy onTue, 05/02/2017 - 23:14

Highlight of the 2nd evening in the Euroclub was Oikotimes 21 party, attended by performers from Malta, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Azerbaijan, Poland and Czech Republic. Several more delegation members were at the party, but without their singers. Very uncommon thing for the Eurovision Club parties was the amount of young girls, who obviously enjoyed performances. However, so did we.