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Desiree on Wed, 05/03/2017 - 10:14

One more country before our lunch break and it's Switzerland. Timebelle are also going for big props, in this case a round platform with stairs that lead singer Miruna is standing on in a big yellow dress. During the bridge she walks off the stairs towards the pianist. The graphics also feature yellow and pink/purple but more in pastel shades than bright 'full' colours.

There are several people on stage but still some people seem to be hidden as Miruna is not singing everything. Instead we get some ad libs while a backing vocalist is taking over (with a very similar voice).

Unfortunately half a run is apparently all we are going to see from Switzerland. From time to time we hear sound from the hall (bass) but nothing on screens, so more about Switzerland in a few days after their second rehearsal!

Time for lunch now, after that we get the rehearsals of Belarus, Bulgaria and Lithuania and hopefully we will see more from that.