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Spain first rehearsal

Desiree on Fri, 05/05/2017 - 14:42

Manel Navarro is still keeping the summer vibe in his performance. It looks a lot better than in the national final but a lot of work still needs to be done on the camera shots.
Manel has a band with him now so the stage looks nicely filled with 2 guitarists and drummer (who's also a backing vocal) joining them on stage. Whether the vocals have improved from earlier iperformances is hard to judge as the sound is unfortunately very low at the moment.

On the third run the amera work already seems to be improving. What I still notice though, is that on close ups half of Manel is very dark. I wonder if that is deliberately or an issue to be solved later.

For what it is, I think it's looking ok but the song is still the same, which means a lot of repetition of the title. With no matter what staging, I doubt this is going anywhere near the upper areas of the scoreboard.