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Some information about the course of the week

Andy on Mon, 11/26/2012 - 22:05

delegations will have shooting of postcards, as well as recording of KidsRights song "We can be heroes" with lead singers of all countries. At 20.00 it is closed for press rehearsal of the same song in some dance studio.
We will be trying to bring some full interviews tomorrow, but considering it is probably the busiest day for delegations, we will probably delay some of them till next days.

On Wednesday all delegations will have Boat Trip with dinner (again closed for press, first time ever delegation tours are closed for press).
This will be the full day of rehearsals as you can check in schedules on our side.

On Thursday, it's quick run through of all rehearsals as well as dance rehearsal of a group song and opening show. These rehearsals may be closed for press as well.

After party on Saturday is also closed for press as well. I think it is the first time ever in JESC. Actually, there even is no press transportation from official hotel to Arena.
Update: There will be buses for press!