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Romania second rehearsal

Desiree on Fri, 05/05/2017 - 12:20

Romania is next on stage. Even before we've seen Ilinca and Alex Florea perform we know that the canons are still there - despite the problems Alex had with it during the first rehearsal. The first run shows it's still hard for him to keep his balance on it while he brings it to the centre of the stage, affecting his vocals as well.

In the three runs different positions for the canons are tried out. In the first and last run, the canons are situated in the corners of the stage each of them facing a different corner. The second run has the canons further back on stage but in the direction of the audience. The last time Alex has no problem keeping his balance but seems to move the canon a bit less which means that in the last minute or so the duo is not right in the centre. Due to this, some camera shots are not what they should be.

Ilinca is wearing a simple, short red dress but has some in-ear problems (can't hear) during the first tun so it is cut off and restarted. Alex is dressed mostly in black, with a beige/grey t-shirt with short sleeves under his top. The full first run shows largely the same graphics as we saw before. The graphics are all very bright and colourful but still too childish for me, the flowers (shown as if they're drawings by children) don't make it any better.

Generally, vocally it's still ok but the canons are still an issue. Hopefully it will be sorted out in time.