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Romania first rehearsal

Desiree on Tue, 05/02/2017 - 12:11

Romania is back after a year and how! When this song came out it just took me a little time to fall for it, in fact the first live performance still at the audition stage for the national final impressed me with how good the vocals actually are. Today that is still the case.

The idea of the performance is largely what we have been seing from them before, with focus on both performers using the whole stage. The backing vocals are visible, which is really nice for a change. The big add on here is the canon that Alex walks to later in the song. He then stands on it. The camera angles still need a bit of work though, as it could all look a lot smoother.

Another thing that has to be mentioned is the backdrop. It is very colourful but I would imagine this kind of visuals more for a kids programme.