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How did Moldova's first rehearsal go?

Good morning everyone,

Time for another fun day of rehearsals of 11 acts. We continue to work our way through Semi final one with Moldova and their artist Cristina Scarlat being the first artist to grace the stage this morning.

Bit of a bad start here, as there was no live video available to watch most of the run throughs for Cristina from Moldova. We did however get the last minute of the second run through to see, in which Cristina was flanked by four dancers, dressed in black outfits including kozak trousers.

Vocally, Cristina seems to be in top shape. She's very much focussing on just that, while her dancers are making good use of the stage for their dance routine.

Not really been able to check much of the back drop with the first run through, as we only saw the last minute on stage, but I can tell you there's beams of lights on the stage, shooting out like lasers.

The second and third run through however gave me the full picture and visually Moldova is absolutely brilliant. Moldova's back drop consists of a spooky forest, which is soon to be taken over by growing tree thorns, while one of the back ground dancers is hanging horizontally in the air, giving the impression the throns are actually growing out of him and taking over the stage and backdrop. Throughout the song, red flowers are also added in the backdrop.

Cristina is central on stage, sounding absolutely amazing. Again she's not taking part in the choreography, focussing on her voice and believe me, what a voice she has! She sounds exactly as she does in audio.

All in all, the staging looks similar to the video Cristina has done, which I personally think is a good thing. That haunting, scary look to the act, with the added gymnastics by the dancers, is visually very appetizing to look at.

Moldova should be very pleased with their first rehearsals and I have a feeling they are a serious contender to sail through to the finals.