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How did Estonia's first rehearsal go?

So we're off to Estonia next for their first rehearsal. Get ready for a 3 minute stretch and pull exercise with Tanja and her Eurovision entry 'Amazing'.

Stretch and pull exercise, I hear you think? Yes... because Tanja is taking us to a dance school. At least that's the feeling that's been recreated on stage.

The stage floor has been transformed into a giant wooden floor, while the backdrop are grey stoned walls with a golden bordering.

Teacher Tanja's in front with her blonde good looking chap, both dressed in white. She's wearing white shorts, a white top with a see-through white veil across both. I quite like it actually. its not glamorous but it adds to the feeling of the dance routine school.

Tanja and her dance partner start the song on the floor before the lifts come in. it's a huge stage to fill and to be honest I do think Estonia could have actually added another two dancers to fill the stage a bit more. Having said that Tanja and her partner do make good use of the stage, moving around a lot. They seem to be working their way through to the back. From the bridge onwards the the backdrop also changes to lots of birds flying, which I don't really see the purpose off.

You gotta give it to Tanja though. She's doing this complicated choreography and yet she manages to make it look so effortless and sound amazing too. (See what I did there? ).

Perhaps two minor things: She needs to be careful with some of her facial impressions, because she looks at time frightened. If they could also find another pair of dancers to help filling up that giant stage, I have a feeling Tanja could have a chance of making it to the final.