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France second rehearsal

Desiree on Sun, 05/07/2017 - 10:27

Quite a contrast to see France, that seems to be going for a very simple approach again, right after the UK who went all out with their staging. From afar Alma's dress also looks like a plain dress with polka dots but the screens shows it's actually silver coloured.

It's a pity she's alone on stage as it could transfer the atmosphere of the song a lot better with some dancers. However, there's some great camera work towards the end of the song. In general I really love the backdrop, the only parts I think need to be cut out are those where we see flat buildings flying through the sky as it does not transfer that what we see are buildings.

In the first run her vocal started of quite weak during the first chorus, but later on in the song she improved and the second time sounded very well. The theird run sounds great as well.