Croatia first rehearsal

Desiree on Wed, 05/03/2017 - 09:04

Next up is Croatia where Jacques Houdek finally made it to the Eurovision stage with a very peculiar song. It has been mentioned a lot already how weird it is to realise this song is not a duet.

So another huge reaction from the press hall after the first run but I have the same question about in how far it means anything. I have to say it has been done very cleverly and people may really think there are two singers (twins?) on stage. Jacques is joined by his backings and two instrumentalists. Absolutely great camera work here. Among other thing the backdrop features a mountain with a parasol on top of it and sunflowers.

Vocally amazing, but it's all over the top. The question remains if people are going to look through this cheesefest.

OK, so now with the 2nd and last run - a bit more about the actual staging. We start with the violinist and cellist (reminding me a bit of Croatia 19995 there) - then without a warning we zoom right into Jacques' face for the Einstein's quote. When the singing starts, the camera comes from a different direction with each language change, making it seem there are 2 singers on stage.

The bridge and last chorus feature a lot of pyro's, making it even more over the top. I still have my doubts about the song, it won't ever be my personal favourite but this is one of the songs that year that is really making the most of its staging and it will impress a lot more than people expect.