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Azerbaijani promo package lottery

Andy on Sun, 05/18/2008 - 18:31

We will draw as prizes to our readers few promotional packages of Azerbaijan. Photo of what is inside the package will be added later tonight.
1 package will be drawn between those staying in Belgrade. You have to send me your pigeonhole number or mobile phone, how I can contact you here. Email is: info@esckaz.com
2 packages will be drawn among other readers of the blog. Send e-mail to info@esckaz.com with mention of your country of residence.
Closing date of entrance is 20th of May, beginning of the 1st semifinal.

Some materials from yesterday

Andy on Sun, 05/18/2008 - 09:53

Sorry again for not updating English part of the blog as often as I should do it.

Yesterday we visited another private party, this time we had some beers with Lithuanians. We've had a nice talk with Jeronimas and his manager Povilas Meskela and finally we've found a friends in metal.

Later this day we've attended Ukrainian party


Some rehearsal videos

Andy on Sat, 05/17/2008 - 15:28

Czech Republic



Have just watched UK and Germany - it's all pretty average and won't trouble scoreboard at all. In press-center there was invented motto "No angels for Eurovision", concerning Azerbaijan, Georgia and Germany.


Andy on Fri, 05/16/2008 - 13:39

Bilan starts in the front of the stage, he sits, lies and stands on his knees. Then he moves on the ring and sings there. First part we can see only Bilan and very shortly Marton. Pluschenko appears only on 3rd minute. At the end Bilan opens his torso and all of them end with this gesture:


Armenia, Netherlands, Finland

Andy on Fri, 05/16/2008 - 12:46

Armenian delegation is very dissatisfied with the rehearsal and I understand them well. It is murdered on screen and absolutely no gimmicks are shown. First rehearsal was much better. Today they had pyros, but main pyro effect - exploiding microphone was prohibited from use. Actually I've learned that Armenian staging symbolizes the 4 elements but it is impossible to figure out.

I'm getting the feeling that Netherlands look stronger than Armenia on screens. Hind has two superb things - dress and background. Also, I quite like the lighted microphone holders for backing vocals.

Finland with complete pyros is just amazing and is guaranteed finalist.

Party time

Andy on Fri, 05/16/2008 - 12:27

VERY briefly on the parties of yesterday. It started with Russian which was good thanks to the fact it was attended by massive number of performers from other countries: all CIS ones, Albania, Bulgaria, San-Marino, Greece as well as few Russian singers as well. ESCKaz team got invitation from producer of Dima to get into VIP zone which had free drinks and food, compared to the regular zone, which was rather poor. Unfortunately, we just had time to say hello to all Russian team members, and especially to Edvin Marton - very professional and intellegent person. Actually we're very surprised by the hospitality of Russian delegation this year compared to Firsh Channel ones previously.

More photo:

We loved Croatian party, which was actually closed and available only for delegations, but it was ideally perfect. It took place in a river restaurant and had a lot of free food and drinks. There we met Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovenian and Moldovan delegations and of course Croatia, though I couldn't find the lovely Mia and was a bit upset about it. The coolest thing was that on the entrance we were given just made coint of 75 cents. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay longer there and had to move on.

Macedonian party took place in Eurocafe. It had huge number of people, mostly fans, so it was almost impossible to stay there. We even had not find the Macedonian singers and quickly left with Geta.

After that we moved to the exclusive ESCKaz private party of Moldova in Srbija hotel. There were loads on cogniac and champagne, we had chance to talk in very warm and friendly athmosphere with Geta, her husband and producer. Shortly we were joined by two members of San-Marino band. So, the 4 party tour has ended around 4 am.

Today's rehearsals in short

Andy on Thu, 05/15/2008 - 18:12

Hej everyone. I've basicly have no time to update English blog, so again I recomend you to check links on the right side - we also have photo and video gallery, which are regularily updated.
From what I saw today: Moldova was perfect on it's own. Very intellegent and charizmatic performance and I see it qualifying. Azerbaijan and Ireland are spoilt by the camerawork, this is escpecially concerning Azerbaijan, where all key moments were left off screen. I quite hate Slovenian presentation, both the dresses that were today and the staging itself with cage and other elements. Andorra is now and it is as good as it can be with typical Swedish song and choreography.
From today I can see as qualifiers:
and Bosnia.
It is the poorest semifinal in ESC history, so I won't be surprised with anything.