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Party time

Andy on Fri, 05/16/2008 - 12:27

VERY briefly on the parties of yesterday. It started with Russian which was good thanks to the fact it was attended by massive number of performers from other countries: all CIS ones, Albania, Bulgaria, San-Marino, Greece as well as few Russian singers as well. ESCKaz team got invitation from producer of Dima to get into VIP zone which had free drinks and food, compared to the regular zone, which was rather poor. Unfortunately, we just had time to say hello to all Russian team members, and especially to Edvin Marton - very professional and intellegent person. Actually we're very surprised by the hospitality of Russian delegation this year compared to Firsh Channel ones previously.

More photo:

We loved Croatian party, which was actually closed and available only for delegations, but it was ideally perfect. It took place in a river restaurant and had a lot of free food and drinks. There we met Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovenian and Moldovan delegations and of course Croatia, though I couldn't find the lovely Mia and was a bit upset about it. The coolest thing was that on the entrance we were given just made coint of 75 cents. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay longer there and had to move on.

Macedonian party took place in Eurocafe. It had huge number of people, mostly fans, so it was almost impossible to stay there. We even had not find the Macedonian singers and quickly left with Geta.

After that we moved to the exclusive ESCKaz private party of Moldova in Srbija hotel. There were loads on cogniac and champagne, we had chance to talk in very warm and friendly athmosphere with Geta, her husband and producer. Shortly we were joined by two members of San-Marino band. So, the 4 party tour has ended around 4 am.