Francesca Michielin

Francesca Michielin (Italy) and her team reveal more about the staging concept.....

Francesca Michielin – No Degree of Separation

Italian entrant at the 61st Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden

“The Seed of the Tree of Life”

Interview with Italy

Francesca Michielin will perform her track on Saturday 14 May 2016 at the Grand Final of the 61st Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden. The staging delivers a symbolic message of the song, ending with Francesca passing the seed of the tree of life to the viewing audience.

The message is a continuous theme, throughout all her videos from her recent album ‘di20are’ as well as her artwork.

The message is simply – we are all different but we are all the same….’there is no degree of separation’ between us, as humans, just that we are individuals with different backgrounds, but yet still ‘fruit from the same tree’. Francesca reminds us that there should be no walls between us, and continues with the theme from the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, with ‘Building Bridges’ and really believes in the true spirit of the contest, in sharing music, experiences and ‘coming together’.

Interview with Italy

Francesca wishes to emphasise this message throughout her performance with different symbols ie, diamonds, balloons, 3D glasses, butterflies - ending with her passing the ‘growing’ seed from the tree of life to the audience demonstrating hope and a new beginning, and reminding us all – ‘there is no degree of separation between us’.

Semi Two dress rehearsal photos

Francesca Michielin (Italy) and her team receive a huge endorsement from top Italian artist Adriano Celentano

An iconic endorsement from the world famous Italian artist Adriano Celentano for Francesca Michielin

A wonderful surprise arrives for the Italian entrant at the 61st Eurovision Song Contest, Francesca Michielin via Adriano Celentano’s personal blog:

"This is the story of one of us", and this one girl was born by chance in Italy…Francesca I’m supporting you and nothing will change my mind. 'No degree of separation between us'…”sei forte”, you rock! Adriano Celentano

Adriano Celentano

Francesca Michielin will represent Italy and perform in the first half of the Grand Final of the 61st Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday 14th May 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.
Adriano Celentano (photo attached) is a world famous Italian singer, composer, producer, comedian, actor, film director & TV host with album sales over 150 million.

For further information please contact:

Kabir Naidoo
Head of Press - Italian delegation

Италия - первая репетиция

Франческа выступает посреди сцены-водоема на грядке-островке с декорациями в виде растений. То, во что она одета, тоже похоже на праздничную версию рабочего комбинезона. Используется видеоэффект в виде белых линий, кругов и сердечек, мелькающих в кадре. Это хорошо разнообразит и придает выступлению налет музыкального клипа.
На задниках растет дерево с развешанными на нем желтыми шариками. В конце Франческа срывает пластиковый фрукт и дарит его зрителю.
Артистка - красивая и вокально стабильная. Песня воспринимается драйвовей и интересней на сцене чем я предполагал изначально. Но больших амбиций у этой заявки не вижу.

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