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Iceland - 2nd rehearsal

Eran on Thu, 05/09/2019 - 14:27

Hatari's 2nd rehearsal! The Icelandic hopefuls are back with their hateful song. Klemens improved vocally, but still, need to step his game up a bit. Matthías is on point as always. More or less the same performance as it was in the first rehearsal. A grey version of Matthías' head appears at the last part of the song, with thorns or spears coming out of him. There are also smoke coming up from across the stage.

Iceland - First rehearsal

Eran on Sun, 05/05/2019 - 11:53

Iceland's turn. The Hatari members are on stage for their first rehearsal. "Hatrið mun sigra" gets an intense performance, as it should. The stage is lit with red and flickering white lights. With the group on stage are 3 dancers, one starts off in a round shaped cage. The third band member is on the cage. Some fire pyro is being used, as expected. Camera work is good, transfers the angry mood on stage. Matthías sounds very good, he sells the song. This will definitely stand out in the first semi and will slide to the finals.