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Switzerland first rehearsal

Desiree on Mon, 04/30/2018 - 15:28

Switzerland puts all the focus on the two members of Zibbz - Corinne is wearing her hat again which seems to be a trademark. Good start to the rehearsal with flashing lights at the drum sequences. They are still trying out several staging options, one of them involving the side bridges, the other one the catwalk on the front. Corinna takes along her mic stand which is adorned with red fabric in the same colours as her hat. During the bridge she also calls for people to put her hands up as she already did at the promotour, while Stefan's drum podium is lighted in spotlights. Near the end she actually stands on the drum to jump off and end next to him.

The last round showed she gets handed some pyro torch from the audience while Stefan is also holding one. However, hers either extinguishes too soon or she's holding it too long.