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Israel first rehearsal

Desiree on Sun, 04/29/2018 - 15:20

It took quite a lot for this performance to get started, so we are probably getting behind schedule here while the looper and other items were being adjusted.

So, first run-through, very first impression.

Netta is wearing a Japanese-style dress again like one she wears in the video and promo photos as well, however, this time in purple/red/white/black. The Japanese theme is continued in the yellow panels behind her which on a closer look feature many 'maneki-neko' (yes I had to look that up) - Japanese fortune cats.

There's a lot going on on stage, of course there's the aforementioned looper and the three dancers/backing vocals that start on the bridge on the side and later join her in the middle of the stage. In the last part of the song Netta walks all over the stage and ring in front of it.

It sounds and looks very confident, they're not gone yet by far.

We got two runs more which show that there is still some work to do - but of course it's only a first rehearsal. Some missed camera's, some wrong shots by the director, but overall very solid. The last run revealed a lot of smoke pyro's - in yellow and purple effects, it does complete the performance.