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The night before departure

Well well,

here we are. If you'd asked me four months ago, whether I would be going to the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen...I would have given you the type of look sharpey dogs do so naturally.... Yeah those droopy oh so sad look on . Sad sad droopey Dimi... But the opportunity arose, to become part of the ESCKAZ team this year and, as anyone would I grabbed it with both my hands.

So here we are, three months later... all geared up with a massive suitcase, only bought the other day, full of clothes, bought over the last few weeks, face cremes, hair gels (don't ask!!), flags (don't ask either), and God knows (not really) what else for a fortnight of Eurovision extravaganza.

My excitement is growing by the minute, and at this rate, I'll probably be jumping up and down by the time I arrive in the airport early tomorrow morning (5.00 am ish). I'm not entirely sure kangaroo Dimi's are allowed on board unless they're caged in, but I'm willing to see what happens.

It's my first real life Eurovision, which means I'm so grateful to be able to share it with you all. I'm really hoping you'll Join Us, The ESCKAZ team and myself, in our Eurovision journey this year. (See what I did there? ;-) ).

See you in Copenhagen!