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Fashion show in EuroVillage

We had a chance today to see the opening ceremony of the Eurovision Village at the City Hall Square with a unique show idea FASHION FOR EUROPE. The idea is about designers and brands from many different participating countries building bridges through fashion.

In total it took 1.5 hours to present 14 brand: Agnesa Vuyhaj (Albania), Sinoian (Armenia), Lena Hoschek (Austria), Fakhriya Khalafova (Azerbaijan), Bernard Depoorrter (Belgium), Ivana Helsinki (Finland), Atelier Michalsky (Germany), Galia Lahav (Israel), Calzedonia (Italy), Daili (Lithuania), Sanja Matijevic (Montenegro), Blessus by Michael Hekmat (Poland), Adelina Ivan (Romania), Julian Zigerli (Switzerland).

Switzerland Second Rehearsal: Melanie Rene - Time To Shine

uups sorry Iceland and Sweden, unfortunately re-arranging my new flight going home didn't really let me see them but I'm all sane and sorted for Switzerland.

Melanie Rene is just a fabulous star, and she is totally owing that stage. She has big shoes to fill coming right after Sweden, but she does it effortlessly. I love the staging, which has pretty much stayed the same from the first rehearsal.

Perhaps not so much the non qualifier some have said they might be.

Switzerland First Rehearsal: Melanie Rene - Time To Shine

Ever since it was announced Switzerland would follow Sweden, we knew they would need big shoes to fill. But let me tell you, they most certainly do.

Melanie Rene looks the absolute part in her white/blue gown and black seethrough cape. Just like her backings she's standing on a separate see through platform while a blue forest consisting of white and golden trees. I love the fact they've also added drummers.

Vocally Melanie is top notch and she's working the camera like an absolute professional.

Really like it.

Switzerland, Huit Points!