first rehearsal impression for Hungary

Only a very short snippet with sound was to be seen from Hungary so far.

Freddie's husky, rough vocals are spot on, and he's sticked pretty closely to the concept we already saw in the national final.

No monk in full clothing atire this time, and none have the glowing drum sticks in their hands this time around.

The beat of the drum however is reflected in the floor backdrop which is predominantly red. The beat translates into white cracks into the flooring, which is kept throughout the song.

Vocally, Freddie is on par with things. His voice is sounding husky and rough, so nothing really to comment on there.

Good overall first rehearsal.

Boggie flashmob live in Vienna....

ESCKAZ were very happy to attend the final flashmob of the Hungarian singer Boggie live in Vienna.

There were lots of local diaspora from Hungary in attendance and all were given lyrics to help with the singing and we had a practice run

After this, Boggie lead us all in her flashmob performance of the song Wars For Nothing…..I was very happy to join in with this and in fact I translated some of the words into Russian in my head and feel the whole sentiments of the song now….

Boggie was very happy to talk to the people who were there and spent some time given photographs to anyone who was there and the whole event was filmed by Hungarian television.

Thanks to Boggie for the invitation and we are happy at to have attended as many flashmobs as we can and no have a lasting memory of this event to take away from the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and keep forever

With thanks from and delegation to Hungary.

Hungary rehearsal

Andy on Tue, 05/12/2015 - 11:59

Well, I like the outfits a lot, Boggie looks really nice in her burgundy and her backing vocalists click together in black and white.

Two sets of the backing drop doesn't match together as well, even if they are both fine separately, the transition between dark images of Solar system to the green tree isn't really eye catchy.

Vocally it is fine, but there is huge problem - Boggie has zero eye contact with camera, that's why the whole performance is a bit awkward. The eye contact is perhaps the most important thing ever for the contest.

Hungary First Rehearsal: Boggie - Wars For Nothing

Boggie from Hungary has just done the first run through of her rehearsal and I'm pretty impressed... well with some of the elements of their staging.

Hungary's going for a very understated performance. The camera zooms in to Boggie, who's wearing a bourgondy red long gown, while her backing vocals are scattered over the stage. One by one they join Boggie while the song progresses.

I'm impressed with the galaxy backdrop. Interesting here, is that a tree grows from guns, which shape the tree first. Then unfortunately the backdrop changes to a green field with a blossoming tree and, I'm losing the connection with the song.

Perhaps that's my main issue with the Hungarian entry, I'm missing a connection. I'm not sure Boggie is yet convincingly enough in the camera and trying to connect with the audience, although I'm pretty sure she'll have all of that sorted for the big moment.

Hungary, Sept Points!

Hungary - First Rehearsal

Here is Boggie on stage. The performance is a bit similar to the one of Armenia's. It's all about peace in the world. We see the whole universe on the background with a tree transforming all the time into a beautiful one.

There are 4 more people on the stage singing along with Boggie, they are all motionless looking like true patriots.

The song is very beautiful. I enjoyed every single moment of it. But I'm still not too sure about the idea behind it. This year has plenty entries about peace...

First impressions from Hungary......

Well this was always a "fav" of mine.....isn't that correct Andy!!!

So she is vocally great and has more help on stage now with four backing singers, and that really lifts the song to be honest....

But backdrop is horrible.....just keep the dark staging and lose the tree......

I do get an Irish wedding singer vibe from this now.....not that this is a bad thing