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Switzerland First Rehearsal

First rehearsal for Rykka, who has dyed her hair for the occasion in blue.

Vocally Rykka is getting really comfortable with her entry. She keeps getting stronger vocally as her rehearsal progresses.

I'm however not completely keen on the outfit she's currently wearing for a variety in reasons. One of them being it's not very flattering this black sequins top, with a smokey grey/purple see through skirt. It's more the material really which looks like the type of material used for ribbons used on wedding chair sachet covers. ( Really sorry Rykka)

Considering there is a blue blackdrop, the dress really does not work here and I do hope Rykka reconsiders the outfit, perhaps going for something more elegant, as she was wearing in the national final. A white outfit, would make the performance look really elegant and stand out in that sea of blue.

I do like the song, and Rykka seems very lovely too. I think styling here is the main issue though.