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Sweden second rehearsal

Desiree on Thu, 05/04/2017 - 08:16

So we are all set up in the hall now and we can finally see the rehearsals live.

The stage for Sweden looks empty at the start, But we can see Robin from the side and actually come on stage with his dancers. Even right from the back it looks really nice. Sounds great. The visuals of a road and then later city are also nice. It sounds very well from here, if there would be any glitches in the vocals we surely don't notice it in the hall. Now we hear there are in-ear problems for Sweden, once they're solved, we'll get the last runthrough.

Some words about the hall itself in the meantime: the hall looks really quite small, anyone who would have tickets in the back and/or up high should not worry about their view (excluded maybe those with really cheap tickets as they might be restricted view). There are no screens next to the stage as usually, as the led-screen stretches all over the width of the stage, but there are 4 screens - 2 on each side - above the audience stalls.

In the meantime Sweden has finished, good rehearsal, will probably do well.