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Sweden First Rehearsal: Mans Zelmerlow - Heroes

A bit later than expected but Mans does exactly what he's supposed to do; He's confidently performing his Eurovision entry 'Heroes' the way he's done twice in Melodifestivalen.

There's not a lot of remarks, really. He doesn't seem to be trying very hard, but he doesn't have to. He knows this song by heart. He knows the choreography, and every trick there is in the book to keep the viewers engaged.

The square screen has been changed to an oval one on which Mans' figure, slightly adapted with a pair of trousers and a hat, is now being projected.

Solid, confident, but to me it just doesn't scream a winner yet. Perhaps because the impact is lacking as we've seen this performance twice already.

Still Sweden is a surefire finalist and actually a deserved one too, but there simply is something lacking for me personally.

Sweden, Dix Points!