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Romania First Rehearsal: Voltaj - De La Capat/All Over Again

Romania have send a band to Vienna who is one of their most professional and experienced household names from home.
It's that professionality that really shines through in the entry that they picked, but also the way it's portrayed on the staging.
the backdrop starts first with two gigantic suitcases which open, and showcases shots from the song's video clip. Throughout the stage, several suitcases are being scattered around.

The first chorus and two verses are fully sung in Romanian before the rest of the track is being performed in English. I think that's been a good choice to make it fifty fifty allow both the international viewers as Romanian supporters to understand the lyrics.

Personally Romania's song doesn't really do much for me, but their professionalism is really shining through in the way they perform and I don't see any reason why Romania wouldn't make it into the finals this year.

Romania, Sept Points!