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Red Carpet Impressions

Hello there! We've just came back from the Red Carpet Opening Ceremony in the Euirovision. It was my first experience and I'm full of emotions. It all started at 7 pm but we arrived there in advance - at 5.50 pm to book a vacant place for press to shoot better pictures and to take small interviews while all the contestants are walking along the red carpet.

I always thought that it's a matter of 20-30 min max but it all took about 2.5 hours. We were tired, hungry and thirsty. And we couldn't move or leave our places otherwise somebody else could occupy them. It all was about the outfits and accessories so Mike was mostly asking fashion questions. Conchita Wurst was the first on the Carpet; it's my first time that I saw her in person. I didn't expect her to be that graceful and airy in her spotted grey dress.

All the participants were designer dressed with an evening make up and all of them were very beautiful. Most of all I like the outfits from Poland, Australia, Spain, Russia, Greece, Iceland, Belgium, Norway and Latvia.
It’s this sort of event that neither the contestants nor I will ever forget, so we took a lot of photos and videos so you can imagine you were there with us. Enjoy!