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Norway First Rehearsal: Morland & Debrah Scarlett - A Monster Like Me

Onto another big favourite expecting to snatch the trophy are the Norwegian duo Morland and Debrah Scarlett.

I prefer a consistent Norway any day over their unpredictable Eurovision past, so I do think that 'A Monster Like Me' was always the best option for them, especially keeping last year's success in mind.

Both Debrah as Morland are dressed in white outfits and are completely depending on each other and the interaction during the first part of the song. However I'm missing that interaction when the bridge kicks in. I don't really see why they would change towards the end.

Again the overall backdrop and colour of the staging is the metal/gold/bronze colour, which we have seen plenty of times now. As last year's winning performance from Austria had the same colours, I'm assuming that its the main reason why so many nations opted for this particular staging. It works however for Norway, especially with the singers being in the white outfits.

I'm quite sure, Norway's appearing in the final, but I'm not entirely convinced about its winning chances just yet.
But they are being consistent and that's how I like my Norway.

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