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Latvia First Rehearsal: Aminata - Love Injected

Latvia are bringing one of the best current tracks in my opinion and they've chosen a very effect staging for it as well.

It's very similar to the way it was staged in the national final, so we're seeing a pretty static Aminata performing in front of a microphone stative. She's joined on the stage by three backing singers who are all in black. Aminata herself looks the absolute part in her figure hugging red dress with mermaid tail made of tulle.

Vocally she's par on, she sounds great. If I have to look for a minus point it would be engagement with the viewers at home. The overall staging is also red with white, red and black beams coming from the backdrop. It has a bit of an alternative ice queen feel to it and it's totally up my street.

The thing that's however really distressing, is the fact that ORF are testing recorded applause through out the song, and that's just really annoying because Latvia's song really doesn't lend itself to applause. So it spoils the mood a little for me, however that's not something that has anything to do with the Latvian performance.

Great start for Latvia, and my highlight so far.

Huit points!