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First day

Andy on Sun, 05/11/2008 - 13:31

Things are pretty chaotic so far. Arena is really far located, so only screens in press-center can save things.

We've seen 6 entries and I'm afraid we're yet to see a finalist!

Montenegro. It lookes as good as it sounds to you. So if you like the song, which I doubt, you probably will find presentation nice. Stefan is pretty awkward on stage, which comes as no surprise as he is caressed by 4 girls in red gloves. Vocally he is good.

Israel. Same as Montenegro there are backing vocalists, who start at the corner of very small stage. This is the only thing similar between them. Sometimes it look like that there was no home rehearsals for Israel as things on stage are pretty disorganized, both choreographically and vocally. Boaz enters stage from it's far side and then backing singers ramble around him.

Estonia is absolutely same as we've seen at the national final. So, nothing more to add there.

Moldova is very good. They've opted for minimalist, intimate performance featuring Geta and trumpet player and big coach. It looks good and from all these has the best chances to get through.

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