DQ's Alive!

Andy on Fri, 05/06/2016 - 14:24

New single release from DQ on May 11th, 2016, and those of you who are in Stockholm for Eurovision, will be the first to hear it performed live at EuroClub on Wednesday at midnight.

It's no coincident that he choose to release his song while there's Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

“Eurovision Song Contest is very dear to me. I've always been a huge fan and round this time of year it's like Christmas to me. Something I look forward to and that time of year that I feel the most alive!" Says DQ. His new single bares the title “I’m Alive”.

Next stop Stockholm
Congratulation he will arrive... in Stockholm next week, to guest EuroClub and Euro Fan Cafe to various events and to take part in the big and spectacular Eurovision extravaganza.

“I'm happy and honoured to join you all in Stockholm and to “Come Together” in one big and sharing musical Eurovision "love bubble"!”

On stage with more Stars of Eurovision
DQ will make his appearance together with other special guests in the concert at EuroClub on Wednesday the 11th. Earlier the same day he will pop by Euro Fan Cafe for a Meet and Greet. And Tuesday night he will guest the karaoke bar at EuroClub and sing his frocks off.

“I will perform in the great Eurovision-Show in Euroclub together with other Eurovision artists. On the night I will also sing my new single "I'm Alive" and Drama Queen of cause among other ESC evergreens. Can't wait to spend some nights singing with you guys, Eurovision-fans are the best party people in the world!”.

10 year anniversary next year
“I’m Alive” is the newest single edition to next years album release. It's written by the well known Eurovision composers Christina Schilling, Camilla Gottschalck and William Taylor. In the beginning of 2017 it will be 10 years ago since we met the artist DQ for the first time in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix and ended up representing Denmark in Eurovision 2007.

Last year he released the two singles “All With Love” and “Dance With The Stars”, all three of them will be included on his album.

Meet DQ in Stockholm!
10/5, 24:00: Special guest at the karaoke bar in EuroClub.
11/5, 16:30: Meet and Greet på Euro Fan Cafe.
11/5, 24:00: Premier on “I’m Alive” and Eurovision Concert in EuroClub