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And the draw.....

Well three of the big hitters, Russian, Azerbaijan and Italy are all at the end now, but Sweden stands out on it's own in the middle, but being next to Norway and Australia may finish off any chance that Sweden have of victory now

Slovenia starting the show is great, but like Sweden this may hurt their chance of pulling off the win of the century!!!

So can Italy do this now??? Will we be in Roma next year??? Well I for one, simply because it is one of my favourite cities in the world, sincerely hope so, but watch out for Germany who will do much better than predicted, Estonia singing from Sertab's wining slot, and Albania potentially giving some go the big hitters a run for their money!!!!

Happy rehearsal day to all involved

We're off to the a Wedding to forget all about Eurovision for the day and Daniel is going to vote in the Irish referendum.....

See you back in Austria some point tomorrow!