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Team Romania and Ester Peony welcome you to Tel Aviv

Ester Peony
At the age of 25, Ester Alexandra Cretu, known as Ester Peony, is a Romanian singer and songwriter who has discovered her passion for music since childhood when she lived with her family in Montreal, Canada. She started to study Jazz singing at the age of 8, and four years later, when she returned in Romania, Ester started Dinu Lipatti School in Pitesti, piano section. At the age of 13 she transferred to classic guitar section until the ninth grade, when she continued her studies at the classic singing section.


In 2013 she enrolled at the Music Interpretation Faculty in Bucharest where she studied Jazz. A year later, Ester begins composing music for artists such as DJ Rynno, Sylvia, Tamy and Pepe, both in the mainstream and underground. In the winter of the same year, Ester released alongside Ana Baniciu, Puya, Doddy, Vescan and Mahia "Cuminte de Craciun".

She released covers such as "Derniere Danse" (Indila), "My Heart Is Refusing Me" (Loreen), and in 2015, her first single, "Sub aripa ta" (Vescan), that conquered the music charts and gathered over 16 million views on YouTube. Also, in 2015 the artist continued to collaborate with Vescan and launched with him, Alan and Kepa the track “Oameni". In 2016, she collaborated with Phelipe and released "1000 de motive", track and video that generated nearly 3 million views on YouTube.

In the summer of 2016, Ester went in her first tour, "Noi sa fim sanatosi!”, alongside Puya, Vescan, Doddy and Anastasia, organized in the big cities of Romania. In 2017, Ester had dedicated her time to music and she has written pieces for different artists, but also for her. At the beginning of 2018, she released "Dig it," an EP containing four tracks: “On My Way”, “So Fine”, “Leaving Tomorrow” and “Dig It”, and a few months later, Ester alongside Alexandru Serbu and Ioana Victoria Badea have written "On a Sunday", the submitted song in the grand competition of the Eurovision National Selection 2019. The single combines the guitar sound with the fresh lyrics that complement the dark mood with a message: Love becomes dangerous when it’s given to the wrong person.

Further, Ester has won the big race and she is set to represent Romania at Tel Aviv in May 2019. Currently Ester continues her singing classes and she’s working on her first album that will be released in 2019.

Alexandru Șerbu
The guitar is Alex „Bolero” Serbu’s great passion. He has studied the quitar at Dinu Lipatti Music Highschool from Bucharest and continued at the Music University from Bucharest . In paralell, Alex is also involved in the musical production, having his debut in 2013 with the song "Two Fools", interpreted by Simona Nae. Meanwhile, he is a producer and collaborated with big names from the Romanian musical industry, such as: Ester, Dj Rynno, Sylvia, Claudia Pavel, Phelipe, Tamy, Pepe, Cristina Vasiu, Gipsy Casual, Starchild, Annely Cole, Alexandra Stan, JerryCo, Roberta, Francisca, Ionica Morosanu. Alex is the musical producer of the song "On a Sunday", which will represent Romania at the Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv. Alex will play a double role on the Eurovision stage: musical producer and guitarist.

Bruce (Valentin Cristian Chiș)
Bruce is one of the two dancers who will perform on the stage from Tel Aviv, together with Ester Peony. Choreographer, actor and dancer, Bruce has a vast experience both on stage, and in television studios. Besides musicals and contemporary ballet shows, Bruce has danced in shows such as: “Britain’s Got Talent”, „X Factor UK”, „Dancing With The Stars”, „Your Face Sounds Familiar” or „X Factor Romania” and competed within Exatlon contest. As a coreographer, Bruce has collaborated for shows such as „Romanians got Talent”, „Bravo Romania”, Media Music Awards, Romanian Music Awards or „The Next Star”.
The young choreographer has worked side by side with many local stars, such as: Inna, Lora, Andra, Stefan Banica, Corina, Pepe, Morandi, Matteo or Andreea Bănică.

Mircea (Vlad Mircea)
Mircea is the second dancer who will accompany Ester in Tel Aviv, on the stage of Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Even if he has made a profession out of dancing, acting and modelling, Mircea has graduated the university of administration and business and he practices several sports such as: football, handball, swimming or cycling. His business card includes a rich experience in show-biz. Mircea has collaborated, in tours or for making his videos with numerous Romanian artists (Alexandra Stan, Inna, Smiley, Antonia, Alex Velea, Delia, Stefan Banica Jr, Loredana, Andra, Marius Moga, What’s UP, Andreea Banică, Horia Brenciu, JO, Lariss, Corina, Blacklist, Radiom Killer, Cristina Spatar, Skizzo Skillz or Mira), but also with international ones (Arilena Ara, Salvatore Ganacci)
He is a winner of the contest World of Dance 2016 Romania, with „The Haters Crew” and he was a part of the film distribution of the movie High Strung 2.

Adela-Daniela Baranci
She has graduated the Music University, opera/canto section and „George Enescu” Music Highschool. She started singing at the age of 6. She has collaborated with the famous soprano Irina Iordăchescu, and had concerts at the Romanian Atheneum and at Peles Castle, and, during her higschool time she sang with the Oxygen band. Also, the singer has a serious and complex career and experience within the IT field, without leaving aside not even for a moment her passion for music . This passion has brought her at the ESC 2019, together, with Ester Peony.

Antonia Elena Liță
PR, event coordinator or an interpreter with specialised studies, Antonia has all these positions written in her CV. On May 16th we will see her on the Eurovision stage within Ester Peony’s crew. She has graduated both the Music University Composition Faculty, Musicology and Musical Teaching and the Communication and Public Relations University – SNSPA. Antonia knows how to sing, to make PR and to coordinate events, so the Eurovision fits her like a glove.