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Welcome to Israel - a local view!

Eran on Thu, 05/02/2019 - 17:14

כיכר השעון ביפו מגדל שעון תל אביב - יפו Clock tower  Square Jaffa Tel Aviv Israel

Hi guys, it's Eran again, here's some info and tips for people visiting Tel-Aviv for Eurovision.

About Tel Aviv
Here’s some info about the real star, the host city of this year’s Eurovision, Tel Aviv, or officially Tel Aviv-Yafo. It’s a rather young city, only 110 years old, also known as “The First Hebrew City”, “The White City”, "The City That Never Sleeps" and “The Capital of Cool”. It’s the 2nd largest city in Israel after Jerusalem, and considered to be its younger more modern little sister.

What to see in Tel Aviv?
For those of you coming from Europe, you might think the city is too Americanized, and you won’t be so wrong about that. Tourists have said it remind them of Southern California. Unlike a big European city, you won’t come across historical monuments that often, we’re writing history right now. Every neighborhood in Tel Aviv offers a different vibe and atmosphere. If you want to walk through the old neighborhoods and explore some of the city’s history, you can start at Jaffa’s Old City and Port, and have a visit at the flea market, or tour the Neve Tzedek neighborhood. Check out Tel-Aviv beaches and the beach promenade if you’re looking for some fun in the sun. If you’re interested in art, you can pay a visit to the Tel Aviv Museum, Nahum Gutman Museum of Art or the Eretz Israel Museum. There’s also some great shopping in Tel Aviv, visit HaCarmel Market and Levinski Market for grocery shopping. Azrieli Mall and Dizingoff Center are both of Tel Aviv most popular shopping centers. For those looking for more luxury boutique items, TLV Fashion Mall boasts some of the hottest brands in fashion. If you’re rich - you can go straight to Kikar Hamedina (wink, wink). Two of the biggest parks around are Hayarkon Park or Gnei Yehoshua, where you can jog or just lay in the sun.
For more information on current events and other recommendations, please visit Secret Tel Aviv (https://www.secrettelaviv.com/).

How to use transportation in Tel Aviv?
Getting to Tel-Aviv Expo from the city center will require a bus and/or a train. The name of the train station is Tel Aviv University, located just a 10 min walk from the Expo complex. In order to pay for your bus or/and train ticket, a credit card sized transpiration card is required. This lime-green card is called “Rav Kav”. Unfortunately the only way to get one is in one of the “Rav Kav” kiosks or a big central transportation center. I recommend going to one of the following train stations to get the card: Hagana, Hashalom, Tel Aviv University and Savidor Merkaz. The same card can be used for both modes of transportation; just be aware of potential differences in ticket rates based on your departure and arrival destination if traveling long distances.
In order to navigate in the city, you’ll probably prefer to take the bus. It’s the cheapest option to get from one location to the other. I highly recommend download the “Moovit” app. It is extremely helpful and accurate.
Taxis - Tourists are known to get some of the highest price hikes from untrustworthy taxi drivers; however, this can be avoided in one of two ways: 1) always request the meter rate to be turned on, it’s best to avoid negotiation. Or 2) download the “Gettaxi” app for quick, straightforward taxi options.
For those of you renting cars, please be aware the city is heavily populated and parking might be scarce. Additionally, pay close attention to parking signs and the color of curbs.
One more thing about transportation - Please be aware that the public transportation stops on Friday early evening and is only back on Saturday evening. It’s a religious thing. The municipality will have buses especially for Eurovision that will go around the city. There would also be scooters available for rent.

The Expo area
As mentioned above, the Tel Aviv University train station is located nearby, and also the Luna Park amusement park for those of you with who are young at heart. The Ganei Yehosua Park is located right in front of the Expo Center complex. If you’re looking for a place to eat or drink you’ll need to drive away from there, which leads us to…

Where to eat and drink?
Restaurants are quite pricy in Tel Aviv, but there are many options and the food is really good! There are numerous places, which not all can be written here. I once again, recommend visiting Secret Tel Aviv (https://www.secrettelaviv.com/) for all options available. For the vegetarian or vegans among - most places have options for you, but the city also has many vegan places that even non-vegans love.
Check out the local cocktail bars: The Emperial Cocktail Bar was mentioned of one of the best in the world, but you would also enjoy the Double Standard, Bushwick, BellBoy, 223, Suramare, Voodoo, Guest Room, Jasper Jones, Spicehaus and more. Don’t forget to order places in advance and use the happy hour for early cheaper drinks.

Some useful words:
Shalom - Hello or Goodbye
Lehitraot - Goodbye
Ken - Yes
Lo - No
Toda (raba) - Thank you (very much)
Bevakasha - Please
Slicha - Sorry
Kama (ole)? - How much (does it cost)?
Karov - Near
Rahok - Far
Daka/Dakot - Minute/Minutes
Malon - Hotel
Dira - Apartment
Mafte'ach - Key
Mis’ada - Restaurant
Caspomat - ATM
Hanut - Store
Makolet - Grocery Store
Hanaya - Parking
Monit - Taxi
Sherut - Service
Monit Sherut - It’s a limited service on Saturday of shuttle buses that do some of the buses routes. These are ongoing and not part of the city shuttles to the hall.
Autobus - Bus
Rakevet - Train
Kesef - Money
Shekel/Shkalim(pl) - The local currency.
Cartis - Card
Efo? - Where?
Po - Here
Sham - There
Ma Nishma? - How are you?
Tov - Good
Beseder - OK
Ra - Bad
Hole - Sick
Bet Holim - Hospital
Rofe - Doctor (MD)
Of - Chiken
Basar - Meat
Tzimhoni - Vegetarian
Tivoni - Vegan
Shabat Shalom - A greeting being said on Saturday, from sunset on Friday till sunset on Saturday.
Boker tov - Good morning
Erev tov - Good evening
Layla tov - Good night
Eze kef! - So much fun!
Yoter - More
Pahot - Less
Yamin(a) - Right (right turn)
Smol(a) - Left (left turn)
Sababa or Achla (Arabic) - Great!
Bassa (Arabic) - Bummer!

Have a great stay ?

צילום של תל אביב   בלילה ישראל בניינים גורדי שחקים מגדלי יוקרה tel aviv at night  tall building israel