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Dress rehearsal 1 - Semi-final 2

Desiree onWed, 05/09/2018 - 14:29

No time to keep thinking of what happened yesterday as the first dress rehearsal for tomorrow's semi-final is already in full swing! Later on we will fill you in on what happens on the postcards as well..

01 Norway
This is becoming a solid favourite for the win, the performance is slick and it's a cheerful opener. But the question remains how much juries will take this song seriously. Alexander seemed to be saving his voice.

02 Romania
Vocally this is very strong again, but the performance is too theatrical, too kitsch for this song. I will not be surprised if this will be the end of Romania's perfect streak.

03 Serbia
Good performance in this rehearsal, it keeps getting better and better. After Romania I think this has a chance.

04 San Marino
The robots and Jessika and Jenifer as well are back! Size doesn't matter was one of the messages on the cards held by the robot. It may distract from the sometimes weak vocals at the end.

05 Denmark
Another good and solid performance from Rasmussen, really not much to say about this, it looks and sounds very well, no issues at all here.

06 Russia
The vocal arrangements in the chorus seems to have been altered a bit, it sounds a lot more shouty now especially during the long notes. Really hard to predict what will happen here.

Time for a little break now in the greenroom, with a little game with Alexander Rybak among other things..

07 Moldova
Not sounding that great today in the hall, could be that they are saving themselves for tonight. It's still a fun performance though.

08 The Netherlands
Putting Waylon's stage together apparently takes a bit more than the time of the postcards, as just after the postcard we got switched to one of the hosts in the audience for a very awkward conversation that went completely wrong. Let's say "It's just a rehearsal" as San Marino reminded us a few days ago.

Now, to the actual performance. Vocally it sounds really good and it is not completely my genre but I feel we're back to real music after a few weaker songs. There are far less shots of the crumping dance right now, so it looks better. I think there's still a chance for the Netherlands.

09 Australia.
Back to the greenroom again! That's how they fill three extra minutes it seems being this the semi with one song less.
Very strong vocal performance from Jessica. It's one of the few straightforward pop songs and still think this could really have an instant appeal. I do think however that the shots during the bridge where Jessica is dancing are not that great.

10. Georgia
There seemed to be some issues with the sound at the beginning as it started a bit weak. Iriao soon got back on full strength though. With a few of the ethnical entries out from the first semi-final gone it could really stand out in the final if it qualifies, which I hope, as the last part was absolutely beautiful.

11. Poland
Vocally not the best performance. The many pyro fountains and the catchy song might distract from it.

12. Malta
Lots of flames at the beginning of this performance, very strange, likely to be a technical mistake. There seems to have been done a lot of work on the lighting of this song as there are now many laser effects. The light show could get the audience to go for this more than we expect now.

After these 6 songs it's time for another break in the greenroom.

13 Hungary
Those were three very intense minutes - very energetic performance as always and it does stand out.

14. Latvia
Still a very theatrical performance as well even though Laura seems to have toned the hair swinging down a bit and that's only for the better. In the bridge she struggles vocally.

15 Sweden.. or maybe not as we switch to the greenroom and then go to:

16 Montenegro
Vocally Vanja is one of the best in this semi but the song and performance might be a bit too generic to get enough votes from the juries and audience. I do hope I'm wrong here.

17. Slovenia
Another very strong vocalist. Good performance but Lea will need to get the audience on her side to make the break work..

18 Ukraine
Vocally very good and it looks well on screen as well.

After a small improvisation in the greenroom we now go back to Sweden, who gets to perform after all, so..

15. Sweden
There still seemed to be some initial technical difficulties as the vocals weren't that great at the start. Apart from that another solid performance.

Then it's business as usual as we continue with the recaps and more interval videos, this time focusing on dance, outfits and more.

The hosts seem to struggle with their script and / or having a hard time to keep it serious.

Nice video after the countdown - backstage at the postcard filming of several countries.

Not many jokes today, instead more videos with a focus on songs that described an important historical change, and one initiating the change; o depois do adeus, the Portuguese entry of 1974.

After that it's time for the interviews and performances of the remaining big 5 countries.

France - Madame Monsieur sings a part of Amar Pelos Dois in Portuguese.
Their performance of Mercy is very strong and convincing once again, however Emilie was vocally struggling a bit on the bridge.

Germany - Michael Schulte sings a part of Fly on the wings of love.
A small mistake in the first chorus as he misses a few words. Apart from that again strong vocally..

Italy - Ermal and Fabrizio sing a part of Volare.
Their performance was not completely flawless but very strong still.