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Bent Knee concert in Titanic Sur Mer

Andy on Fri, 05/04/2018 - 10:38

Taking time away from Eurovision - it was a chance to attend performance of the amazing band from US Bent Knee, who play progressive art rock. This is quite a unique sound to expect from America and in general the progressive and arti rock is something so difficult to find nowadays. The sound of the band was completely amazing, so if their albums on sale in the venue were not priced 20 Euros each I would have bought their whole catalog - instead I had to go digital when I got back home.

The violin player Chris Baum is the highlight of the band and he will make Alexander Rybak jealous with his impressive electro violin music. They also have lovely bass guitar player Jessica Kion who was celebrating her birthday yesterday.

Band existing now for 7 years gave a rare concert in Europe which also was their first appearance in Portugal. On 6 May they can be caught at Gouveia Art Rock Festival. At the concert at Tajo river venue there were around 80 listeners attending who were quite active supporting the band. I'm again a bit surprised with the late start of the concert, supposed to be at 23, it started at midnight, and as a result I had to run away amid last song to catch night bus at 1.30 (the next one would have been at 2.30).

You can listen to the music of the band at https://bentknee.bandcamp.com and http://www.bentkneemusic.com

Bent Knee in Titanic Sur Mer