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Austria second rehearsal

Desiree on Thu, 05/03/2018 - 16:39

Next is César Sampson for Austria who will perform just after the 2nd break - so far the breaks are completely straight forward with them being after each 6th song.

First run - in the hall the performance starts completely dark. As César Stands up we get to see more lights on stage. We now get to see that the backing vocals move away after the first chorus to a place where we can not see them anymore. During the bridge they are back on one of the bridges.

The projections of César in the background are also only visible only on tv. There we have also some strange cuts in the screen that are not really in its favour.

Something really strange happens though - almost at the end of the rehearsal César cuts off his performance mentioning about a form he has to sign....
The second run is then also cut off for unclear reasons.

The rehearsal is delaying the schedule as we get three full runs after all - the first one was held back a lot but in the second one sounded more like it should.