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MELOVIN releases his mysterious music video for ‘Under the Ladder’

Andy on Mon, 04/30/2018 - 09:54

Ukrainian singer released the music video for his Eurovision entry song ‘Under the Ladder’. The shooting took place in Kyiv and lasted about 24 hours with challenging fire scenes nearly stop the whole process and left the singer with burned hands.

After his fiery staging at the national selection, no wonder MELOVIN wanted to carry on the burning theme in his mysterious music video. The saying goes “If you play with fire, you're gonna get burned” which had almost literally happened with the singer on the set. According to the director’s idea, witchy femme fatale, played by Top Model of the World 2017 Julia Gershun, wants to seduce MELOVIN and convert him to the dark side. However, the singer is strong enough to her enchantment and breaks himself from bonds closer to the end of the music video with spectacular playing-the-piano-on-fire scenes. For greater reality team used the real fire on hands with special protection.

“At some point, I just felt like my hands are actually on fire and asked to check if the protection is still working. Needless to say, it all nearly gone by that time due to the endless takes. Out team fixed everything, we finished the shooting without burning flash and I love the result. What is this video about? It’s about the resistance and the re-birth, growth and releasing your inner power,” - MELOVIN says.