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The first rehearsal of Belgium

Desiree on Sun, 04/29/2018 - 12:07

Wow, this is good! Sennek delivers the best vocals I've heard on this song live. The staging, as well as her dress, are black but it suits and it's finally something different after all the blue / red / yellow stagings we have seen so far. Speaking of the staging, it's probably the most basic one Hans Pannecoucke has delivered so far. It's just Sennek on stage, she walks around a bit.

However, in this first one through there is one big 'but' - and that is the start. The idea of showing just the eyes and then opening up the rest of her face and her is nice, but the cameraman should have a steady hand and not the shaking we saw now. Then again, first rehearsal, first run, a lot of time to improve.

Also, I can't really see it well now, but it seems to me she is the first act to use the 'satellite' stage in the middle, bringing her closer if not among the audience which will hopefully help her connect to the audience.