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ESC 2016

Press Conference for Australia

Liza on Sat, 05/07/2016 - 17:10

Dami's song was written specially for Dami and Eurovision. But they wanted to be something, that could be heard on the radio as well. And Sweden has already the Australien entry on their charts. Concerns were raised, that the audience thought, that during the rehearsal the backing sounded a bit loud. The delegation was gratefull for the observation, and will listnen to it again.

Press Conference for Lithuania

Liza on Sat, 05/07/2016 - 16:28

Donny's experience from 2012 is that you have to enjoy, what you do. Sometimes you feel fear. Especially with so many viewers. But you need to enjoy yourself. He wasn't prepared for all the attention at Eurovision either, because Lithuania is a small country. He almost felt relieved, when he came back, at nobody wanted to ask questions all the time.

Ireland Second Rehearsal

Nicky seems to sound a lot less nervous than he did a couple of days ago. Vocals have been tidied up and that's a major improvement.

Everything else has pretty much stayed the same in terms of his performance. There's a bit more communication going on now with the audience, when Nicky uses the catwalk to the smaller platform.

A major improvement, well done Ireland!

Israel second rehearsal

Hovi from Israel is slowly but surely becoming one of the acts, fans genuinely want to qualify this year.

Israel is most certainly in with a change this year. As I said before this is easily the best staging we've had from Israel in a few years. Add to that the power vocals of Hovi, and you have a very pleasing package on offer.

A favourite.

Swiss pixies !

A whole lot of improvement for Rykka from Switzerland. The song now has a much more pixie/fairy tale feel to it which means the dress, with the smoke doesn't look as awkward anymore.

With her hair, lighter blue now too and straightened, Rykka looks like a complete pixie and it really suits the song.
But don't go too wild Rykka, don't make these really really big head movements all the time, because it is kind of distracting.