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Spain First Rehearsal: Edurne - Amanecer

Gosh Spain, where to start...

Let's say Spain have really gone all out on their entry this year. Edurne's visual presentation for Amanecer is very different from what Spain has done before, but there's a lot going on.

Joined by dancer Giuseppe di Bella, the choreography was done by Miryam Benedited and features a glittery cape, a dress change, a windmachine, lifts, and a variety on backdrops.

It's visually a spectacle which could go two ways. It either goes really in Spain's favour or it will go completely against it. I think the main issue Spain is facing is making sure that everything flows rather nicely together.

The second run was definitely an improvement already. Vocally Edurne is strong and she carries her song right through.

Not a bad start Spain, just work a little on the visuals.