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Poland & Ireland & Andorra

Andy on Mon, 05/12/2008 - 10:26

That was bad start of the day. Isis was dressed in short white dress, though there still is chance it will be even more shorter. There are pianist and 4 backing instrumentalists, sitting with violos and violins on chairs. When Isis moves to catwalk 2 backing singers stand up just to sing backing vocals. And they are pretty bad and disorganized. Overall, absolutely not impressive.

Ireland looks dreadful. Especially on screens. And those backing vocals were awful as well. Dustin himself looks good, but you can not see much of him. The dancers chaotically move around the stage and it is impossible to understand what they are singing. It may just qualify, but it was worse than Estonia.

Andorra is standart. It is silly Swedish dance routine with 4 dancers around Gisela. Vocally it is perfect, but not enough. The first semifinal looks incredibly dreadful.

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