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Malta: second rehearsal

Maltese country folk pop band, Firelight, fronted by brother and sister Richard and Michelle, are the first to take the B&W Hallerne stage this morning. Here's how the first rehearsal went today:

Not much change for Malta in their first run through this morning. They've stuck with the traditional line up of having all the members on the band in one line, with Richard and Michelle central in the stage. The guys are clearly having the time of their lives, lots of smiles going on.

The backdrop also remains the summery grain field with blue skyline. Throughout the song, the red poppies appear within the grain field which I personally think is a nice commemoration to think of the 100th anniversary of the first World War.

I'm still not entirely sure, why the Maltese delegation have decided to portray selfies on stage, as to me it doesn't really fit with the concept, but I do like the overall performance feel. DR did a great job in choosing Malta as their opener. Great uplifting track, which totally deserves to qualify for the grand final.